How Do I Get an EHIC?

Getting an EHIC is a smart move for anyone planning a trip to countries in the European Economic Area, whether they’re going on business or for a holiday. EHIC gives UK residents the right to access state healthcare across Europe on the same basis as local people. Costs are kept down, and EHIC will cover pre-existing and chronic conditions which are so often excluded by standard travel insurance policies. Getting an EHIC needn’t be tricky, so choose whichever of the application methods suits you best.


The main benefits of submitting your application online is that it can be done at any time of the day or night. All the forms you need and guidance about how to fill them in are available on the website, and you can also submit applications for family members at the same time.

Third Party Site

Third party websites offer an EHIC service which goes beyond the standard. Most offer a “check and send” service to make sure you’ve completed all the relevant details with no errors, and let you log in to the portal to check progress of the application. Many will also offer extra services such as reminders when your EHIC is about to expire.


If your circumstances and nationality status in the UK is not straightforward, it might be better to discuss your eligibility with an advisor who can also fill the form in with you over the phone. This is an ideal method for people who struggle with completing forms, but not ideal for those who are just learning English.

By Post

You can’t pick up an EHIC form from the Post Office, but can call the helpline and have one sent, or download one online. This is perhaps the slowest application method as you must factor in postal delays in sending the form out and returning it.