Why Use a Third Party Site to Apply for EHIC

If you’re considering applying for EHIC cover for a forthcoming trip to Europe for a holiday or on business, there are several ways to apply. Applying through the NHS website carries no cost and might be the best method for some travellers. However, there are several third party website which can help you with your EHIC application, and although they charge for their services, they offer benefits above and beyond simply sending out your card.

Check and Send

Filling in forms can be repetitive and tedious, and it’s very easy to make a mistake. If you incorrectly complete your EHIC form, miss off some details or forget to add on one of your children, you’ll either have to start the whole process again, or resubmit the form with errors corrected. Third party websites offer a “check and send” service where an experienced member of staff will make sure there are no errors or omissions on your form before sending it off.

EHIC Management

Most third party websites will offer a password protected portal, which allows you to log in and manage your EHIC – change a name, track the progress of an application, add a new child and apply for an EHIC in their name or apply for a new EHIC before the old one expires. Many will also send out email reminders when your EHIC is six months before expiry so you’re never without cover.

Save Time

Using a third party website to apply for your EHIC can streamline the whole process and save you time and effort in making phone calls, checking your email to see whether applications have been received, or making repeated phone calls to try to get through on the helpline number. This is of huge benefit to those who are always rushing and short of time.